Q. How long would it take after my application of opening an Cybercure center to getting the approval for the same?
Ans:15 days.

Q. What is the man-power required to open a franchisee?
Ans: A franchisee needs to have 1 Center Manager, 1 Counselor, 2 Marketing Executives, 1 Outdoor Sales Manager (Business Development Manager), 2 Trainers, 1 Accountant

Q. What is the affiliation fee?
Ans: The affiliation fee varies on the classification of cities. For details on the same, kindly fill the enquiry form.

Q. Can the affiliation fee be negotiated?
Ans: Yes.

Q. What is the licensing fee that a franchisee has to pay?
Ans: The licensing fee varies on the classification of cities.

 Q. Can the royalty be negotiated?
Ans: No.

Q. What amount of royalty fee needs to be shared with the corporate office?
Ans: The royalty fee is totally depends on business model

Q. What is the minimum available floor space required to set up a center?
Ans: The minimum available floor space varies on the classification.

Q. Is it mandatory for a person to have experience in IT field/ training industry to set up a franchisee?
Ans: No.

Q. What will be the KRA for the centers?
Ans: Quality of training and infrastructure should be the main KRA for the centers.

Q. What is the ROI from a franchisee's perspective?
Ans: A 35-40% profit on the total turn-over can be expected from a well-performing center.

Q. What is the breakeven point? How soon can a franchisee hope to break even?
Ans: It depends on the total amount that you have invested, your operating expenses and the number of students that get registered to your center every month. The more the number of students, the shorter would be your break-even time.

Q. What is the support system for the trainers / technical people?
Ans: CyberCure will provide training to trainers from time to time..

Q. Will the Management take the operational expenses towards operations?
Ans: No. This has to be taken care by the center itself.

Q. How will you help me in my day to day activities?
Ans: In major metros, the cost will be shared by all the centers. If there are multiple centers in a particular metro where a specific campaign is going to be released, the cost per center is calculated based on the total cost of campaign divided by the number of centers.

Q. What kind of marketing support can a franchisee expect from Cybercure?
Ans: CyberCure is one of the reputed organization for conducting workshops and seminars related to information security and Cyber Forensics..


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